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The Top 5 Reasons to Paint and Sip

Art on Tap is incredibly lucky to be able to offer the Albany area a different activity to go do any night of the week. The studio allows guests to sip on their favorite beer or wine while being instructed step by step through a painting. What’s so great about that? Let us tell you!

1) It’s a different activity.

Sure you could head out to the same ol’ bar for the 500th time, or you could step outside your comfort zone, and come home with something you’ve made. You get to take home a painting you probably thought you couldn’t do. And then you get to hang it up and brag to all of your friends about your inner Picasso that you’ve just discovered. Plus you can still have your drink of choice! Meet new people, try something new, it’s cool.

2) It makes for the perfect Date Night.

Coming up with new ideas for date night can become a dreaded task after restaurants become routine, and especially when the weather starts to get yucky (yes we know the Albany area in winter!). Painting at Art on Tap is not only fun, but it’s a great way to fill the time. Quality time.

3) It’s relaxing.

Painting is a therapeutic practice. Throughout class one might frequently hear, “Wow this is so relaxing, I want to do this all the time!” Art, by nature. tends to be a practice that takes your mind off of everyday life. It brings you into the present and helps you to focus your energy on the task at hand. Everyday life can get your head spinning, but often when you’re in the studio it’s a complete distraction. Class also ends with the satisfaction of creating something you may not have thought possible.

4) You get to keep your work.

We go out to dinner, movies, bowling, etc. and we spend money. Sure it’s fun while doing it, but sometimes that creeping guilt shows up. Why did I spend $60 on dinner and drinks on Friday? Art on Tap is not only the hours of entertainment we crave after a long week, but it includes wall art. Enjoy your time, and then enjoy the reminder of it every time you take a look at your living room wall.

5) You can drink while you do it.

Wine. Beer. ‘Nuff said.


Art on Tap is located in Clifton Park Center to the far left of the Marshalls exterior entrance. Art on Tap is conveniently placed off Exit 9 of the Northway (I-87). It is a central location for Albany, Saratoga, Latham, Schenectady, Troy, and the entire greater Capital Region. The studio’s location is ideal for parking and accessibility. Come tap your creativity!

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